To create unforgettable, empowering experiences for kids.

“Honoring what it is to be a kid”

We offer camps that create great experiences, unforgettable memories and a tool kit for life. The WindRider principles empower kids to create what works with others in community, flow with change and challenges in life and develop themselves in leadership and relationships.

We encourage them to fully feel while facing any obstacle with integrity, courage and confidence. We believe that all children have the ability to manifest their dreams regardless of circumstance. We practice leadership that makes a difference.

WindRiders Adventure Camp – “Honoring what it is to be a Kid!” provides the basic principles and celebrates the magic of childhood. WindRiders UP – “An Adventure in Leadership!” will take pre-teens and teens to a new level of performance, communication, self-expression and leadership. WindRiders Junior Leadership – “Listening and Leading in Heart Song!” is excellent training for any leadership role including college, career, team, and dreams. Junior Leadership is potentially a window to a paid Leadership positions at WindRiders once 18 years of age. All three camps promise to be unforgettable and powerful experiences.

WindRiders Adventure Camp was created by Heather Steele and Christopher Keener with the intention of celebrating, empowering and supporting youth. Our Wyoming ranch (The Bit-O-Wyo Ranch) offers the western experience and independence of being away from home. It also provides outdoor adventure, horseback riding, a theater, art and outdoor activities. We have trained counselors that provide ongoing support, creative play and leadership training.