Founders Heather Steele and Christopher Keener wrote the first four principles in January 2007 while listening to the song, “Teach your Children Well,” by Crosby, Stills and Nash. Inspired by the WindRiders’ campers over the past 7 years, they have added three more principles.

These principles become second nature for the kids and are the cornerstone for everything they experience at camp. They become tools that they go home with that grow their leadership at home, at school, with family and friends. This camp has a profound impact and positive ripple in their lives.

By going all out, and being all in,
for yourself and your friends adventures begin. 

Every camper participates in group activities and games that engage the mind, body and spirit, while seamlessly teaching teamwork and leadership. Kids experience winning as doing their best and caring about everyone else.

From the moment the sun begins to wake you,
be ready for where the day will take you.  

WindRiders know they must be ready “act now” every morning with their packs filled with everything they need for the day.  Boy scouts made being prepared famous, and it makes good sense to us.

Kick it up a notch or two,
go farther, do more than you thought you could do. 

Horseback riding, theater, archery, camping and yoga are just a few of the diverse, fun and challenging activities that give kids a chance to learn and grow in a nurturing environment.  Kids surprise themselves by stepping through their fears and doing more in a short time than they ever thought possible.

Take the time to let it out,
creative expression’s what it’s all about.  

Singing, dancing and acting, as well as script writing are all on the schedule because at WindRiders, the show must go on. Giving kids a healthy outlet for creativity and self-expression fosters confidence and emotional well-being. On the final day of camp, parents are invited to a barbecue and a western stage show in which every kid shares the stage at the horse barn theater.

Just start to listen to your heart;
your heart is the one part that knows what to do.

When we look inside our hearts, good choices become clear.  We believe that kids do this naturally–we just have to get out of the way.

With acceptance and love for the bold and the shy,
you’ll find how your spirit wants you to fly.

In an environment of acceptance and appreciation, WindRiders celebrates the magic, wonder and spirit of being a kid.

What happens when we are silent for a minute, an hour, a day?
Sometimes we speak loudest with what we do not say.  

Every WindRider takes a little peace home and learns how to find a peaceful place whenever it’s needed.